Bridgid is a writer and performer, born and raised in Philadelphia. Her words have been featured in The Huffington Post, New York Magazine & HelloGiggles. Her body has been featured on award-winning shows like BROAD CITY LIVE, Powerviolence, and Gentrify. Her solo sketch show GRIND TIME, about her experiences as a Brooklyn barista (performed at UCB NY, UCB LA, and El Cid) was named one of LAist’s top theatre picks. A classically trained coloratura soprano and string instrumentalist, her comedic music has been praised by Huffington Post and she was hired by Lulu to compose a musical ad campaign. Before working in entertainment, Bridgid graduated with a degree in Japanese, studied abroad in Japan, and worked as a translator at Fordham and Harvard Universities. Since then, Bridgid has been seen in tons of national commercials selling pancakes, sandwiches, computers, and national football leagues. She writes a series for Funny Or Die called Junior Development Execs. IRL, Bridgid is fascinated by true crime. More at and less @bridgidry on Twitter.

Bridgid Ryan Portrait